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    Zoella Gingerbread Men Bath Fizzers

    January 19, 2017
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    Zoella Gingerbread Men Bath Fizzers If you reside in the US, you would know that Zoella products are not very easily attainable in stores. To my pleasant surprise, I found these last month sitting on a shelf in Target and literally gasped for joy! Being a huge Zoella fan, I was thrilled to have finally held a product from Zoella beauty.   These SNAP FIZZ RELAX Bath Fizzers come in an adorable cardboard packaging with handwritten personalized fonts and little…

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    Holiday Home Tour 2016

    Holiday Home Tour 2016 Welcome to my Holiday Home Tour 2016! The word home tour always seems a little intimidating to me especially since I moved to California a few months back and my place…

    December 22, 2016